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Build / Petroleum / licensing 

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Project supervision Design Process. 

B|P|L Has many years experience working with a large variety of contractors under many diverse civil construction projects ranging from fuel tank installation/excavation, interceptors, drainage networks on domestic and commercial space. 

Other examples include environmental waste systems, Retail  business space & fit-outs & Health & Safety.

B|P|L Projects include building an extension, porch or garage, Attic conversions, re-fitting a kitchen, re-slating a roof space and installation of solar panels or skylights.   

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Retrofitting You Home 

​Project Supervision Design Stage will provide a step by step information process. 

  • B|P|L   Know what the benefits are for your home and will answer your question. 

  • B|P|L   Will provide impartial advise and a free estimate. 

  • B|P|L   Provide grant and energy credits advise on your eligibility of approval. 

  • B|P|L   Will arrange contractors offers that includes warranty & Monitoring.

  • B|P|L    Will Provide BER Testing on behalf of there client and supply reports. 

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Under recent changes in legislation from April 1st, 2020 all fuel and forecourt services stations will require Class 1 Dangerous Substance licence Application made by a competent person that holds a framework of qualifications referred to in the Qualifications Act 2012.

B|P|L Consultancy has many years experience dealing with local authorities for a variety of licenses such as Dangerous Substance Applications & Vapour Recovery,

providing experience and knowledge appropriate to the nature of the works to be undertaken.   

B|P|L Consultancy will advise on existing license or submit the clients license application the clients behalf. 

Commercial and domestic licensing that include any foul treatment systems in regards to layouts, ground works and costs will be provided. 

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Environmental - Percolations Tests 

B|P|L Consultancy can investigate and report on any waste management issues on site, consult with the client on the investigation report provided and provide remedial response to site issues. 

B|P|L can provide,  in accordance with EPA Code of Practice Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems serving single houses a Fully LASNTG Certified Site Suitability Assessment for Waste Water Treatment Systems. 

This includes an EPA Assessment Report, Site Layout Plan & Elevations, Equipment Description, Installation & Procedures breakdown,  Maintenance and general running of your Waste Water Treatment System. 


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